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Pengertian Kaos & Harga Kaos Murah

Pengertian Kaos & Harga Kaos Murah
T-shirts or also known as the T-shirt is kind of clothes that cover most of the arms, around the chest, shoulders, and stomach. T-shirts usually have no buttons, collars, or pocket. In general, short-sleeved T-shirts (passing along the shoulder to the elbow) and a round neck. Common material used to make T-shirt is cotton or polyester (or a combination of both).

Fashion T-shirts include fashion for women and men, and can be worn all age groups, including infants, adolescents, or adults. A T-shirt was originally used as underwear. Now T-shirts are no longer only used as underwear but also as everyday clothing.

T-Shirt or T-shirt was originally used as clothing in the British and American soldiers in the 19th century until the early 20th century origins of the English name, T-shirt, not known for certain. The most commonly accepted theory is the name T-shirt comes from its shape which resembles the letter "T", or in because of military forces often use this type of clothing as "training shirt"
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The general public is not familiar with the use of T-shirts or T-shirts in everyday life. In fact, the soldiers were using T-shirts without this design is only used when the hot air or activities that do not use uniform. When the color and shape (model) that it merely. That is, it is white, and there are no variations in size, collar and arm circumference

T-shirt aka T-shirts starting popularized when worn by Marlon Brando in 1947, when he played a character Stanley Kowalsky in the theater with the play "A Street Named Desire" by William Tenesse on Broadway, United States. T-shirt gray wears so fitted and attached in the body Brando, and in accordance with the character of her character. and the film Rebel Without A Cause (1995), starring James Dean. At that time penontong immediately amazed and stunned. However, there is also an audience who protest, who thought that the use of the T-shirts including brash and rebellion. Inevitably, there was debate about the T-shirts.

Polemics happened that, most people assessing the use of T-shirts - undershirt - as outer clothing is disrespectful and unethical. But in other circles, particularly young post theater in 1947 was, in fact feverish T-shirts, even consider these objects as symbols of freedom of young people. And, for the young man, T-shirts not only mada a fashion or a trend, but rather a part of their daily lives.

Further polemics actually raise publicity and popularity of T-shirts in the fashion arena. Consequently Similarly, some companies convection began eagerly to produce it, even though initially they doubted the prospects of the business T-shirts. They developed a T-shirt with various shapes and colors as well as producing it on a large scale. T-shirt image increasingly uphill again when Marlon Brando himself - with a matching T-shirt combined with jeans and a leather jacket - into the product commercials.

Perhaps, due to the proliferation of polemics and T-shirts fever outbreaks in the community, in 1961, an organization calling itself "Underwear Institute" (Institute of Clothing In) demanded that the dress shirts are recognized as polite as well as other clothes. They say, T-shirts are also a fashion masterpiece that has become part of the fashion culture.

Fever T-shirts that pulverize the entire American continent and Europe ensued About a 1961's. Especially when actor James Dean was wearing a T-shirt in the film Rebel Without A Cause, so the existence of T-shirts increasingly strong in there life.

Slowly but surely, T-shirts started to become a part of everyday clothing that is not only used for underwear, but also the outer clothing. In the mid-50s, T-shirts have started to become a part of a part of the fashion world. It was only in the 60s when hippies began to dominate the world, T-shirt actually become state of fashion itself. As a symbol (again) anti-establishment, the hippies have used T-shirt / shirt as one of its symbols. Since that time the revolution T-shirt occur in total. Business activists realize that the T-shirt can be a very effective promotional medium and efficiently. All the requirements as a good promotional medium in a T-shirt. Cheap, mobile, functional, can be used as a souvenir, and so on.

At the same time, certain groups kinds of hippies, punks, or a political organization, is also aware that the T-shirt can be a perfect propaganda medium in addition to the existing medium. Any statement can be printed thereon, durable, and its spread is able to go beyond the limits that can not be achieved by other media, such as posters, for example.

With all its perfection, T-shirts are no longer simple. Obviously, the functional object is still valid as a clothing. But behind it all, the T-shirt has a value in excess of its basic functions. T-Shirt design that continues to grow until now aligned with human development and technology is constantly evolving. History will continue to record a variety of t-shirt designs like tie dye attached to the flowers generation, punk community attached to the T-Shirt torn, plain typohraphy even with a striking design, and who is not familiar with I Love New York T-shirts phenomenal.

T-Shirt design that became a kind of actualization of the wearer, can be predicted will continue to rage. Typohraphy design elements form a very interesting and full of intent is very likely to interest the public. Moreover, the development of the world's consumers are very indulgent personal actualization. Whoever you are, consumers, business owners, band management, or anyone else, could easily show who you are just by wearing T-shirts with designs blend typohraphy or other design elements.

The use of T-shirts in a variety of occasions provide an opportunity also for the designer in the work. Its function is widening so can support the development of the design itself. Creativity using the medium in a T-Shirt design work opportunities as well as the meaning of design work on the expansion of knowledge of the design community. Berjamurnya clothing and distributions among modern business is one of the positive trends in the design world. Various design work that is implemented in the medium T-Shirt give color to life, not only the formation of the letters but photographs, design work that had not memungkunkan to use the media T-Shirt, now everything becomes possible. However, such massive developments should remain also addressed properly, kemasifan something sometimes make design only as a product that does not pay attention to avail instant-design avail, because the knowledge that the designer will design principles urgently needed.

In Indonesia, it is said, the inclusion of this object because it was brought by the Dutch people. But when it does not progress rapidly, because this thing has a high level of prestige value, and in Indonesia spinning technology has not advanced. As a result, these objects including expensive items.

However, the new T-shirt to reveal significant developments penetrated into all corners of the countryside around the beginning of 1970. When it was his form is still conventional. Was white, cotton-silky-thin, tight attached to the body and only for men. Several well-known brands when it was Swan and 77. There is also a brand of chili, Flower Mangosteen, and others. T-shirts and the trend apparently recorded also by cartoonist GM Sudarta through Om figures Pasikom and nephew with the headline "Generation T-Shirt" (Kompas Daily, January 14, 1978).

1980s T-shirt world dominated by the creative industries. Appears famous brands such as C59 of Bandung, JOGER of Bali, and DAGADU of Yogyakarta. T-shirts is famous for its design unique and interesting. In addition to these brands, controlled by Indonesia's shirt several well-known brands sold in supermarkets like HAMMER brand, POSHBOY, OSELLA, and much more. Most of these famous brands still survive, but others already on the market.

1990 is the year in which the world's Indonesian shirt enlivened by the proliferation of creative people who sell t-shirts with your own design and produce their own, and sell in the store itself. These are known as distributions Clothing. Distro itself is an abbreviation of "Distribution Outlets" which means a store that distributes or sells unique items including shirts.

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